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Share for Share Agreements

A "share for share agreement" typically refers to an arrangement in which one company or entity acquires the shares of another company in exchange for issuing its own shares to the selling company's shareholders. In essence, it is a form of a corporate transaction where shares in one entity are exchanged for shares in another entity. This type of agreement is often used in business mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring.

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Key characteristics and considerations related to share for share agreements

  • Corporate Restructuring: Share for share agreements are commonly employed in corporate restructuring, mergers, or acquisitions where one company absorbs or combines with another.

  • Exchange Ratio: The agreement specifies the exchange ratio, which outlines how many shares of the acquiring company will be given to the shareholders of the target company for each share they own in the target company. This ratio is often based on a valuation of both companies.

  • Tax Implications: Share for share agreements can have tax implications for both the shareholders of the target company and the acquiring company. Depending on the jurisdiction and the specifics of the transaction, there may be tax advantages or consequences associated with this type of arrangement and clearance may be required from HMRC in advance.

  • Shareholder Rights: Shareholders of the target company who receive shares in the acquiring company through the share for share agreement may become shareholders of the acquiring company. This can entail certain rights, such as voting rights and the potential to receive dividends or participate in future company decisions.

How our solicitors can help

Our solicitors can provide valuable assistance in share for share agreements by offering legal expertise and ensuring that the transaction is structured correctly, complies with relevant laws and regulations, and protects the interests of the parties involved.

We will work proactively to progress your agreement without unnecessary delay and will stay in close touch to update you on the steps that are being taken. You will find us easy to contact if you have any questions or you need support from us at any time.

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What legal documents are involved in a share for share agreement?

Share for share agreements typically involve various legal documents, including the share for share agreement itself, disclosure documents, and ancillary agreements, such as employment agreements or warranties.

Is legal representation necessary in a share for share agreement?

While it is possible to engage in a share for share agreement without legal representation, it is highly recommended to involve solicitors, particularly for larger or more complex transactions. Legal professionals can help ensure that the transaction is legally compliant, protect the interests of all parties, and navigate any regulatory requirements.

How can I finance a share for share agreement?

We know that funding a share for share agreement might be a worry, so we offer a range of options. These include:

• Legal expenses cover

• After the Event insurance (ATE insurance)

• Private payment

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