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Buying and selling land can be overwhelming. At P.A. Duffy & Co Solicitors our aim is to simplify the process so that you buy and/or sell land efficiently, without delay or stress.

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Our expert conveyancing solicitors will help you to weigh up your options in buying and selling your land. We advise on various issues, including affordability based on your finances, whether you qualify for a loan and your contractual obligations within your purchase contract.


What is the process for buying a piece of land?

The land-buying process can be intricate, and it's important to work with experienced professionals, such as our expert team of conveyancing solicitors. Specific steps and requirements may also differ depending on the location and local regulations. Generally, the process will include:

  • Do your due diligence on the land including checking zoning regulations and planning permission, investigating utility access, confirming boundaries and other environmental assessments

  • Performing a land survey and conducting a title search

  • Finalising and closing the sale.

What is the process for selling a piece of land?

The selling of land can be very complex, and it is extremely important that you seek help and advice from experienced professionals. At P.A. Duffy & Co. we can handle any legal aspects of the sale and provide invaluable advice throughout the land-selling process. The process will include:

  • Determining a value for the land and choosing a method of sale. This includes auctions, through an estate agent or other methods

  • Market the land and arrange viewings of the land

  • Negotiate with possible buyers and issue a memorandum of sale upon coming to an agreed offer

  • We will then conduct due diligence, address any of your queries and draft the sale contract for you

  • You and the buyer will exchange contacts, the land title will be transferred and the sale will be complete

What is exchanging Contracts?

The Contract represents a legal agreement for the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. It is prepared by the seller's conveyancer and includes information about the involved parties, the sale price, the inclusions of fixtures and fittings, as well as any pertinent legal constraints or entitlements. The Contract only becomes legally binding once it is "exchanged" by the involved parties, typically done through their solicitors or conveyancers. At this stage, a non-refundable deposit is typically submitted. Post-contract exchange, withdrawal from the sale incurs a penalty, usually in the form of the seller retaining the purchaser's deposit on the property.

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