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By Ellen Bates
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Longer Notice period for evictions extended – Advice for Landlords

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the NI assembly introduced legislation requiring landlords of residential properties to give tenants at least a 12 week notice period before seeking an eviction order from the court.  

This longer period of notice was due to expire on 30 September 2021 but the rules on the longer notice period have now been extended to 4 May 2022.

For all private landlords of residential properties, you must give your tenant at least 12 weeks written notice if you wish to repossess the property.

If the tenant remains in the property after the 12 week notice period, your next step would be to apply to court for a possession order.  You cannot however apply to court until this 12 week period is up.  

The process for evicting a tenant can take a significant period of time, it is advisable therefore that Landlords who wish to repossess a property contact their solicitor as soon as possible.

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